The Studio

 Rider La Conga Music

+The rooms:

You have a 30 m2 live room and a 25 m2 control room treated with top quality RPG acoustic products. A wide and warm space in order to record, mix and produce everything you wish with the guarantee you require.

+Outboard gear:

La Conga Music new studio was built during the season 2008-09, and offers you the best options within the digital and the analogical world at a competitive cost. You can enjoy of a wide range of possibilities to record, mix and master-record 2.0, 5.1 or 7.1 taking advantage of the digital ease and combining it with legendary “monsters” of sound such as API, Neve, Millennia or Manley. Only this way you will be able to sound hard or sweet, modern or vintage, … In short, with the ground-breaking print you might be looking for.